Delivery of goods from Europe

For the delivery of goods from Europe to be carried out without problems, contact the customs broker "Kwando-Terminal". We will fully organize the process: draw up a route, transport, arrange, obtain permits, customs clearance, etc.

How and with what European goods are delivered

We deliver all types of cargo:

  • general;
  • prefabricated;
  • pellet;
  • small commercial lots;
  • complete;
  • oversized;
  • non-standard, etc.
Delivery of goods from Europe

General and groupage cargo from Europe is a popular destination. Equipment, raw materials, building materials, footwear, clothing, household chemicals, medicines, fertilizers, etc. are sent to Russia. Products labeled "Made in Europe" are a quality product, so they are ordered frequently and in large quantities.

Usually, delivery is done by road. Minibuses are used for small parties, and capacious trucks for large ones. If the product needs to be transported under special conditions, for example, chilled, special transport is used.

Terms of transportation depend on the distance. For example, a departure from the Baltic States can be received in five to seven days. Goods from Portugal reach Russia in 16-18 days, from Germany within 7-10 days.

The road network in Europe is well developed and well maintained, so delays are practically excluded. Usually transportation is performed in LTL format, i.e. with a partial truck load or as an FTL when the vehicle is fully loaded.

Many shipments are delivered by air. It is irreplaceable when the transportation time is important. From any European city to the airport on the territory of the Russian Federation, the goods arrive in about three to five days. The only drawback of this type of transportation is the high cost.

Rail freight is rarely carried out. This mode of transport is available for almost any product. It is usually used to deliver large quantities of products to industrial or agricultural enterprises. The sea route is also not very popular. For example, it is most convenient to deliver goods from Italy to the Russian Federation by road. An alternative option is transportation to the port of Novorossiysk.

What determines the price

The final cost of transportation depends on:

  • dimensions and weights;
  • distances;
  • transport type;
  • product features.
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Transportation of oversized, dangerous or perishable goods is more difficult, this will certainly affect the price. To reduce delivery costs, a groupage system is used.

Specifics of consolidated shipments

To make cargo transportation from Europe more accessible, small consignments are combined and delivered by common transport. This reduces the cost of the service, since each recipient pays only their own share of the costs. Delivery times increase, as time is spent on picking a group of items with a common destination.

The route of a groupage shipment from the manufacturer to the recipient consists of a number of stages:

  1. The carrier receives orders.
  2. The item is collected at the consolidation warehouse.
  3. Logisticians make a route and select transport.
  4. A container with groupage cargo is being formed.
  5. Shipments are being loaded.
  6. The consignee is informed about the beginning of the shipment so that he can track its path.
  7. The customs documents, permits, certificates for leaving the country are being processed.
  8. The goods are delivered to the Russian Federation.
  9. A customs clearance procedure is carried out for each shipment.
  10. After unloading in the consolidation warehouse, the individual orders are delivered to the recipients.

The system of groupage cargo allows you to transport even small shipments weighing less than one kilogram. To organize such a process, you need the efforts of logistics, support of customs brokers, a good warehouse system, etc. Only an experienced operator can correctly perform such a delivery.

Delivery of the European level from "Kwando-Terminal"

Our company is a customs broker with many years of experience. We perform international turnkey transportation, as well as individual services related to the clearance of such goods: we solve the problems of customs clearance, certification, licensing, obtaining permits, etc.

Our specialists are well versed in the rules and regulations related to the implementation of foreign economic activity. We will help you:

  • to draw up a contract correctly;
  • make changes to the documentation in accordance with customs regulations;
  • get an electronic digital signature;
  • issue an electronic declaration;
  • get advice on all issues.

We carry out customs escort, freight forwarding. We work with regional customs in the Southern, Central, Northwestern and Far Eastern Federal Districts. We provide optimal logistics and low transportation costs. Our experts:

  1. Will choose the best route.
  2. Find a reliable carrier.
  3. Will insure the shipment.
  4. Ensure its safety throughout the entire route.
  5. Will arrange all documentation for fast delivery.

Order the delivery of goods from Europe with us to have a learn the order within the agreed time frame. Our managers are ready to answer your questions and agree on the terms. "Kwando-Terminal" - transportation without problems!

Apply for the service, we will contact you as soon as possible and answer all your questions.

Cost of services

Customs clearance
# Service name Cost Term
1 Import customs clearance from 15,000 rubles from 1 day

Licenses and certificates

Organization warehouses

How will we work

Contact us in a convenient way for you.
We jointly discuss the conditions and procedure for customs clearance.
Conclusion of an agreement for the provision of services.
The documents
We help to prepare all the necessary documents and submit them to the customs authorities.
We will calculate the corresponding payments correctly.
We will provide you with all the necessary documents.

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