Customs certification of goods

Customs certification - confirmation of product compliance with the requirements of standards, regulations or rules in force in a specific territory (EU, EAEU) or in a specific state. Required for customs clearance of export-import operations and international cargo transportation.

Obtaining permits

Certification is carried out on the basis of special technical regulations, which establish safety and quality standards, procedural requirements.

For the successful registration of goods, it is important to choose the right certification scheme (for serial production, a separate batch or a single item).

The procedure includes several stages:

  • submitting an application;
  • formation of a package of documents;
  • sample testing;
  • conclusion of the expert commission.

If, based on the results of laboratory tests, the compliance of the test sample with the requirements of the current legislation is established, the applicant receives a document certifying its safety and high quality. The issuance of a certificate may be refused if discrepancies or errors in the application are detected or as a result of sample testing.

Where to issue a permit document

The accredited centers and laboratories included in the Unified Register of Certification Bodies of the EAEU have the exclusive right to issue supporting documentation. The network of institutions consists of national branches controlled by the authorized bodies of the participating countries.

Mandatory certification

By the decision of the CU Commission dated 07.04.2011 No. 620, the list of products subject to certification was approved. In turn, each CU regulation contains lists of individual items for which you need to obtain a certificate or declaration. A complete list of regulations is collected on the Rosstandart website.

The list of product groups subject to mandatory certification includes:

  • electrical and computer equipment (TR CU 004/2011);
  • industrial equipment (010/2011);
  • vehicles and components (018/2011);
  • furniture products (025/2011);
  • baby products (007/2011).

The list is far from exhaustive. New regulations come into force annually, safety standards are updated. For certain product groups, confirmation of conformity is carried out at once through several TR (household appliances). Separate regulations have been developed for meat, dairy products, toys, etc. You can check whether a product is subject to mandatory certification by its name, OKPD and TN VED codes. You can find out more about the nuances from your customs representative. The absence of an authorization document entails the application of administrative sanctions against the violator.

Voluntary certification

Products not provided for in a single list can be certified on a voluntary basis, at the request of the applicant. Based on market realities, conformity assessment increases the competitiveness and demand for goods, stimulates sales. Supporting documents based on the results of voluntary inspections are not a substitute for the vehicle certificate.

Types of permits

Among the variety of compliance documents, there are:

  • Certificate of the Customs Union. Mandatory for products specified in the list of EAEU regulations.
  • Certificate of origin. Determines the country of manufacture and affects the amount of duties.
  • Certificate and declaration of conformity. Confirms compliance with GOST R standards or technical regulations of the EAEU.
  • Rejection letter. Issued if certification is not mandatory.
  • ISO Certificate (Information Technology Industry).
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When importing aircraft, water, automotive equipment and components, fuels and lubricants, navigation devices, there is a high probability that a customs representative will request a conclusion on the absence of cargo in the List of military products. For the import and subsequent sale of household appliances and electronics with data encryption functions (Bluetooth, NFC, etc.), a conclusion of the FSB is required.

Terms of validity and cost of registration

Depending on the type of object being certified, a confirmation document can be issued for a period of 1 to 5 years. Certificates obtained in the GOST R system are valid for 1-1.5 years.

The cost of customs certification of goods depends on a number of factors: product type, number of items, number of sample tests, urgency, etc.

Benefits of contacting a customs broker

Obtaining permits is a process that requires painstaking work and expert knowledge in the field of foreign economic activity. Studying the intricacies of legislative aspects and technical regulations takes a huge amount of time. Early contact with the services of a licensed customs broker guarantees the successful solution of all procedural issues.

The Kwando-Terminal company provides a wide range of certification services for customs clearance of goods. The list of services is formed individually, based on the needs of the client. Comprehensive service includes a full range of services. Options are possible on a one-time and regular basis. Among the main advantages:

  • minimization of the terms of registration of goods;
  • legal support and consulting;
  • calculation of obligatory payments;
  • tracking the movement of goods;
  • selection of effective schemes;
  • delegation of authority to interact with authorized bodies.

The calculation of the cost of customs clearance of goods is formed on a transparent basis and is reflected in the current agreement.

The company's employees are top-level professionals with many years of practice. Taking into account the situation, the client will provide comprehensive information, detail the action plan, prepare the necessary package of documents.

Every day we effectively and efficiently solve legal and economic problems of varying degrees of complexity. We offer professional assistance in resolving certification issues, cargo clearance and are focused on long-term partnership.

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