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What is the cheapest way to send goods for personal use?

It is cheaper to send the goods by Russian Post. Courier services (TNT, EMS, CDEK, etc.) are ordinary carriers and do not have the preferences that the federal postal service has — Russian Post. To send a parcel from the country of departure to Russia, the sender can be sent by the local federal postal service (in Germany — Deutsche Post, in China — China Post, etc.). Your Chinese sender can transfer the parcel to China Post, you will receive the goods at the nearest post office of the Russian Post. However, if the customs inspector has doubts about the classification of the goods being sent to the category of goods for personal use or the value / weight exceeds the permissible parameters, your goods will have to be cleared through customs. The inspector will always doubt the goods sent by the Russian Post to the address of the legal entity (even if the individual paid with his bank card).

What products are subject to certification?

Products included in the relevant lists of products subject to mandatory conformity assessment (confirmation) are subject to certification. Not all products are subject to certification. To find out whether your product is subject to confirmation of conformity (safety for the consumer), it is necessary to classify the product according to the TN VED and determine whether your product is included in the appropriate list.

How long does it take to deliver the goods?

  1. Cargoes transported by air usually arrive at the consignee’s warehouse within 4-7 days from the date of departure.
  2. Cargoes imported from Europe are delivered within 5-8 days for whole vehicles, 12-14 days for groupage cargo from the date of loading.
  3. Goods imported from Asia are delivered within 40-80 days from the date of departure from the country of departure.

How to bring cargo cheaper?

Your small cargo (for example, 2 pallets) can be transported individually in a vehicle, or you can send it as a groupage cargo (it will be cheaper, but longer). Many factors affect the cost of shipping. Submit your initial data and we will offer you the cost of shipping your cargo.

How much will the transportation cost?

Delivery cost, in addition to market conditions in the transportation market, depends mainly on the following factors:

  1. Place of departure
  2. Unloading location
  3. Terms of delivery (EXW / FOB / CPT, etc.)
  4. Mode of transport
  5. Itinerary

Additionally for small loads transported in a groupage vehicle / container:

  1. Number of seats
  2. Stackable or not
  3. Dimensions of each seat
  4. Weight of each piece

How to get an EDS?

Declaration of goods can be made by a customs representative on the basis of a concluded contract for the provision of services of a customs representative. In this case, you do not need an EDS to submit a customs declaration, because the declaration is signed by the EDS of the customs representative.

If you want to declare goods yourself, you should issue an EDS for an employee of a legal entity — a company that declares the goods (declarant). In addition to the EDS, it is necessary to form an electronic box to which files will be transferred during electronic declaration. We provide a service for the formation of an electronic mailbox (we send your documents to the CITTU of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, which creates an electronic mailbox for your company). EDS can be obtained at the nearest generating center.

How much does the customs clearance service cost?

The cost of customs clearance services for imports is usually 15,000 rubles + 1,000 rubles. for each additional product (TN VED code) according to the declaration, the cost of the export customs clearance service is usually 5000 rubles. + 1000 rub. for each additional product (nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade code) according to the declaration.

Provide the set of documents required for customs clearance

The required set of documents can be found on the page standard documents.

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