Delivery of goods from China

Customs broker "Kwando-Terminal" organizes fast delivery of goods from China on terms acceptable to you. We specialize in the international transportation of any goods, we provide full support, documenting the process.

Peculiarities of delivery from China

Different types of transport are used for transportation to Russia:

  • air;
  • railway;
  • automotive;
  • marine.
Delivery of goods from China

Several types of transport are involved in multimodal transportation. Air delivery is suitable for perishable goods, urgent shipments, valuable equipment, etc. The goods arrive from China to the airport in a few days. If the cargo is not dangerous, railway transportation will help reduce costs and increase speed compared to sea transportation. This method is suitable for groupage shipments and almost all bulky items.

It is convenient to transport goods by road for short distances. Special vehicles will provide suitable transportation conditions. For example, refrigerated trucks transport chilled food, vaccines, medicines. Delivery time is several weeks. Large modular containers are shipped from China by sea. It is a reliable and popular type of transportation with low freight costs, minimal risk of loss of shipment.

How long will the process take

The timing of cargo transportation from China depends on many circumstances:

  • seasons;
  • paperwork;
  • certification;
  • time for loading / unloading;
  • other terms.

The ports are subject to downtime due to weather conditions. Changes in customs regulations also lead to delays. Cost depends on:

  • route length;
  • type of cargo: valuable, dangerous, etc .;
  • their weight, dimensions;
  • the urgency of the item;
  • type of transport;
  • additional services, etc.

The type of means of transportation affects the delivery time, its cost. Air travel is the fastest and most expensive way. Departure by sea will be cheaper, but it will take about two months. The price for transportation by plane is about ten times higher than by ship.

Transportation rates increase or decrease over time due to changes in seasonal, bunker allowances, new regulations, etc. The starting price may change noticeably in a month.

Types of poisoning

We deliver from China a wide variety of goods: cosmetics, electronics, food, medicines, building materials, spare parts, etc. We work with different types of shipments:

  • general - for one customer;
  • accompanying - the parcel is loaded onto a free vehicle that goes in the desired direction;
  • prefabricated - the container is assembled from relatively small parcels for different customers;
  • special - goods and materials that need special transportation conditions: biological products, refrigerated products, fragile items, etc.
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Groupage shipments are a convenient option, suitable even for small parcels, and relatively inexpensive. The time limit is increased by waiting for the entire batch to be collected.

Main routes

Manufacturing in China is concentrated in the southeast. Different transport is used for delivery. Many goods are shipped along the Harbin railway via Manchuria-Zabaikalsk and Suifenhe-Ussuriisk. After crossing the border, goods go along the Transsib.

Another well-known land route is transit through Kazakhstan through the Dostyk-Alashankou transshipment point. The travel time is usually about a week. By road, shipments are brought to customers who are located near the border of China. A widespread option is when goods are delivered to Russia by road through Donging, Suifenhe, etc. Then they are transported by freight trains on the Transsib.

There are over 300 international seaports in China. The waterway is longer, but cheaper and more convenient. Parcels are sent from Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Yantian or other port cities to Russian (St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Vostochny Nakhodka, Novorossiysk, etc.), Finnish (Kotka) or Baltic ports. Further - by cars or by rail.

Air delivery from China is carried out through Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Sanya and other airports. Usually used for fragile, urgent, perishable goods. A flight to a consolidation warehouse in another country is possible, and then a flight to China. This method is a little cheaper, but takes longer.

Conditions of carriage

There are three types of terms of delivery from China: CIF, FOB and EXW:

  • CIF - a convenient option, the seller is responsible for the integrity of the cargo, provides insurance to the point specified by the buyer.
  • FOB - the seller is responsible for the order before loading on board the vessel, further processing is the buyer's problem.
  • EXW is an analogue of the term “self-pickup”, when the manufacturer releases products from the enterprise, and the buyer assumes all transportation costs, registration, risks.
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Each option has its own advantages. If the recipient does not pay for the delivery, then he does not influence the process either. For example, when there are delays at customs under the CIF condition, he can only wait. With self-pickup, the whole procedure is under control, but you will have to make your own route, find a carrier, draw up documents, etc.

Turnkey deliveries from Kwando-Terminal

Leave the transportation of your goods to an experienced customs broker and forget about any problems. Our company specializes in the transportation of any goods from China. We are well versed in the legislation, both Chinese and Russian, experience and established contacts allow us:

  • make delivery in a short time;
  • reduce costs to an acceptable level;
  • provide optimal logistics;
  • avoid downtime.

The specialists of the "Kvando-Terminal" company will provide full escort of the cargo by any type of transport on optimal conditions. We will draw up a full package of documents for import / export, incl. we will take care of licenses, certificates, sanitary, veterinary certificates, permits.

Our company is an information operator that carries out electronic declaration of goods. To organize this process, we will help your employees to obtain an EDS. We are ready to help in the design of your foreign economic activity:

  • draw up a foreign economic activity agreement;
  • we will adjust the existing agreements to the current norms of customs legislation;
  • we will officially act as a party to the transaction.

To optimize logistics schemes, we use our own consolidation warehouse in Shanghai. Here the goods are stored in compliance with all conditions, sorted, sent along the developed routes. We fully control all stages of the delivery process, ensure the safety of your orders, their fast transportation without delays or additional costs.

Order international turnkey shipments or use individual services such as customs clearance or certification. Call us, write or fill out the form on the website. We will answer your questions, give useful recommendations, organize the delivery of your goods quickly and reliably!

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Customs clearance
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1 Import customs clearance from 15,000 rubles from 1 day

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We will calculate the corresponding payments correctly.
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