Import customs clearance

The import of any product implies mandatory customs clearance performed by a broker. The procedure is necessary to confirm the compliance of the cargo with the current provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the payment of the relevant taxes and payments. Compared to export clearance, it takes longer. Quando-Terminal will help you register the import as quickly as possible.

Import Declaration: Features

Declaration (registration) is a procedure without which goods cannot cross the border between Russia and another state. It includes:

  • Checking the quantity and type of products imported into the territory of the Russian Federation for compliance with the standards established by law;
  • Verification of the documentation package, which confirms the legality of the actions performed by the customer.
Import customs clearance

Also, the customs clearance of imports includes the mandatory payment of government fees. These include:

  • VAT (mandatory for all goods imported into Russia, except for exceptional cases specified in regulatory documents);
  • State duty (determined in accordance with the import procedure, the volume of goods moved, as well as the established cost of the batch, is an integral part of the movement of products across the border);
  • Excise tax (is a mandatory payment for the import of alcoholic and tobacco products, liquids containing alcohol, vehicles and other excisable goods).

Additionally, import clearance may include payment of customs duties. In most cases, this happens during long-term registration of products and the need to store them in warehouses under the control of customs. Also, customs fees are charged if you need to accompany the import.

Sequence of import customs registration

Registration can be done by a customs broker of a specific checkpoint or a third-party broker. The first option is time consuming. If the importer turns to a private broker for services, he limits himself from the need to submit documents on his own, visit a border point, pay state duties, etc. In this case, all the work is done by a specialist.

You can divide the process of registration of imported cargo into 3 main stages:

  1. Preparation of a package of documents. In order for the goods to be processed as quickly as possible, the cargo owner needs to prepare a packing list, a certificate of origin of products, a bill of lading, an invoice, a contract with a supplier and a number of other documents related directly to the transaction, transportation, products.
  2. Arrival of the goods at the customs point. Before the arrival of the products at the terminal, a corresponding notification is sent to the customs office, which also saves time. After the car arrives at the control point, an inspection is carried out. It is necessary to establish the correctness of the marking performed, the consistency of the composition of the batch with the declared data.
  3. Clearance of products. After the broker submits the declaration, the direct clearance of the import cargo begins. It means an assessment of the accuracy of the submitted documentation, automatic verification of risks, goods, etc.
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If the inspector does not find a violation in the product itself or in the documents presented, the cargo is allowed for free circulation and can be taken out of the customs terminal to follow a further route.

The minimum speed of registration is 4-5 hours. In case of data inconsistency or incorrectly assembled package, the time can be increased to 10-15 hours, several days. Also, the processing time may be extended due to late submission of the declaration, division of goods into batches, change of cargo classification, etc. The process can be accelerated only through competent preparation for it, which the customs broker Kwando-Terminal will be able to organize.

Benefits of contacting Qwando-Terminal

When ordering customs clearance of import at Qwando-Terminal, you guarantee yourself a smooth and fast registration of goods at customs. An experienced broker will help:

  • Prepare the documentation package correctly;
  • Accurately calculate the required payments and make them on time;
  • Issue the documents required by customs remotely;
  • Prevent corruption of the data specified in the documentation;
  • Minimize the likelihood of cargo delays at the border;
  • Eliminate the need for self-filing of documents, visiting the terminal, etc.

The Kwando-Terminal company provides services for declaring products of any type, volume. It is possible to register groupage cargo or consignments of goods transported by several vehicles. All services are provided at a low cost, and the experience of brokers allows you to optimize the costs of paying state duties, fees and other mandatory payments. You can get more detailed information from the manager of the company.

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Customs clearance
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1 Import customs clearance from 15,000 rubles from 1 day

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